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Emotional Intelligence Decomposed 4 of 5

Emotional Intelligence Decomposed 4 of 5
The following is forth in a five part series of blogs will help bring clarity to the term emotional intelligence (EO or EI).  This clarity is in a form of decomposition. 
Social Recognition
Social recognition, a component of emotional intelligence, is an interpersonal capability for identifying the emotions that others are experiencing. Social recognition typically includes strong listening skills and being adept at reading the nonverbal cues of others. The emotionally intelligent person, who has strong social recognition skills, quickly adjusts his message based on this information to maximize the efficiency of his communication.
Skillful listening is the ability to receive verbal information and to process that information in a way that allows the individual to foster greater understanding and promotes effective communication by focusing intently on the speaker. It involves hearing a speaker's words, understanding the speaker's message, interpreting the message appropriately, and confirming an understanding of what was said.
To effectively communicate, it's important that you recognize, as well as be able to interpret, all types of communication. Nonverbal communication may duplicate, underscore, match, oppose, or replace verbal communication. Once you unlock your ability to decipher nonverbal cues in conversations, you will become a stronger communicator. Deciphering nonverbal cues is not always as simple as it sounds. The meaning of nonverbal cues may not always be the same as they appear.
Your ability to evaluate your current degree of social recognition is dependant upon identifying the emotions others are experiencing. By improving your listening and observation skills, including your interpretation of nonverbal communication, you can influence the behaviors of your coworkers and employees which can help you to become more successful in business.
Where is this applicable in your life, work, business or team?
How would honing these skills position you for a brilliant future?
How would it feel to have a strong command of your social-recognition?
With a strong command of your social-recognition how could you show up in your everyday encounters?
Always remember that if you have any questions or want further clarification to let me know.

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