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Catabolic vs. Anabolic Leaders - 1 of 8

Each and every one of us is a leader.How well you lead depends on your level of consciousness, or energy. Higherlevels of anabolic energy are associated with more effective leadership.Anabolic energy is building energy, and whether in the workplace or at home,great leaders build relationships, teams, families, and businesses. Catabolicenergy, on the other hand, is destructive, and catabolic leaders destroy andbreak down everything around them.
We’ll take a look at thecharacteristics of anabolic and catabolic leaders to show you how you canbecome the leader that you want to be.
Let’s look first at the overall styleof the catabolic leader. A catabolic leader manages. The definition of “manage”is “to handle, direct, govern, or control in action or use,” and “to dominateor influence.”  Catabolic leaders controlothers. They tell others what to do, and how to do it. The catabolic leader, inkeeping control, keeps the other people in the relationship in a non-powerfulposition - and then most likely complains to everyone around that “I can’t seemto find good help,” and “no one does things as well as I do.”  
An anabolic leader, on the other hand,leads. The definition of “lead” – “to go before or with to show the way,” and “toguide in direction, course, and action” sounds supportive and empowering, andit is. The anabolic leader doesn’t control and doesn’t push people, butinstead, inspires them by words, action, and by personal example.   
One of iPEC’s (http://www.ipeccoaching.com/).foundationprinciples states that “Each of us is each greater and wiser than we appear tobe.” Anabolic leaders realize this, and thus, don’t feel the need to tellpeople what to do, as they realize that everyone has their own answers andgifts.
Previously we discussed catabolic andanabolic responses to being faced with a task or something to do. When acatabolic leader TELLS or DEMANDS that someone do something, most likely, theywill respond catabolically – “I won’t,” “I have to,” or “I need to.” When ananabolic leader REQUESTS that someone do something, or ASKS for someone’s inputon a project, they’re much more likely to respond with the anabolic “I want to”or “I choose to.” The more anabolic the leader, the greater the probability ofsuccess in the task.
Your challenge; as you interact withthose around you, think about how much more of an anabolic leader you could beif you led, instead of managed.

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