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Welcome to Seattle based ELI Coaching Services, your home for career, business professionals, small business coaching and Energy Leadership Development.
So you have heard of the radio station WIIFM.  So most who listen wonder what’s in it for me.  Leadership Development Coaching with ELI Coaching Services can result in the following;
  • Leaders can bridge the gap between senior management and the front line.
  • Collaborate across the organization.
  • Manage complexity.
  • Leverage the experience gained from multiple life roles.
  • Build resiliency for themselves and others.
  • More personal satisfaction with work and personal life
  • Ownership is transferred to the people doing the work
  • People grow, developing personal strengths
  • Expanded skills and competencies
  • Leader's time is freed for vision, mission, values, strategy
  • More strategy in addition to operations roles
  • More qualified and developed people
  • More qualified, stronger leaders coming through the "ranks" (succession plan)
  • More productivity of the workforce
  • Bottom line results and increased profit margin
  • A 6 to 10 time ROI of the cost of the leadership development coach (see the press release or client case studies)